Our vaccine uses a different approach from that used by many COVID-19 vaccines that are currently being administered globally. Current vaccines are focussed on inducing antibodies that prevent entry of the SARS-CoV-2 into cells.

CVC has developed proprietary antigens designed to induce what is known as a cytotoxic immune response. This type of immune response primes the immune system to specifically kill only those cells that have become infected with virus. There are very few COVID-19 vaccines in development that take an approach that is focussed on inducing a cytotoxic immune response.

CVC's Prototype Vaccine Candidate in Vials

Our vaccine uses elements from a variety of virus components. It’s structured to work globally and be effective in virtually all populations. The CVC vaccine is designed to be given in combination with any of the current vaccines being administered across the globe and the design is such that it can be delivered by many different approaches including subunit, viral and mRNA.